“Hey gang, what’s the word?! Is it… avuncular?”

November 30, 2006

If you missed this Tuesday’s episode of Veronica Mars, you missed television programming at its finest. It was a Depends kind of evening, I tell you what! Edge of your seat madness, that’s what it was! With stabby unicorns of awesomeness!

Luckily for all y’all somebody had the time and the know-how to post the entire episode RIGHT HERE. If ever you wanted to check this show out, now’d be the perfect time.

Now if only I could get my hands on one of those “Ask me about my STD” t-shirts Veronica’s pal Mac wore to the Pi Sig mega apocalypse– a veritable hump the furniture, party back to the stone age, fifty keg Bacchanalia– I’d be in bidness…

Mac's cool T

(Screencap by Neptunesite.com)

Giving Thanks

November 29, 2006

When Cat and TGIM get together with family for Thanksgiving, laughter and silliness ensue!

This is a rather longish video I made for our extended family who couldn’t join us. Feel free to watch, if you are so inclined. I just thought I’d share.

Oh, Tom: Not Once, but Twice the Indignity

November 23, 2006



Spacious homes dot a winding road in a quiet suburban neighborhood, where trampolines, dog runs, and autumn leaves litter hazy, tree-lined backyards.


Thanksgiving day preparations clutter the kitchen counter. The morning sunlight filters over a large, raw turkey, AKA: Thanksgiving Dinner.  CAT, TGIM, and UNCLE CARROL (TGIM’s brother) look on as AUNT AMY begins stuffing the turkey with cornbread stuffing. Enter MISSY PETITE, 3 (almost 4), a bubbly little girl with honey-blonde hair and a sparkle in her eye.



Aaaaw! Poor pig! 

Veronica Mars REWIND: Of Vice and Men

November 18, 2006

Veronica is fed up with the vices of all the important men in her life. False accusations, blackmail, and roofies ensue. Also, airsterisks make a comeback.

(Feel free to vote for me HERE. Signing up at VEOH is super easy, so head on over. Even just clicking the link will help me (us) out. Honestly. You don’t even have to watch Veronica Mars… this recap gives you all the information you need. Not that you shouldn’t watch Veronica Mars. You totally should. It’s a frakkin’ good show. I’m just saying.)

That’s wack.

November 15, 2006

How silly, to write just to say I wrote.

I feel like I have a gun pointed at my head and someone’s yelling, “Post, dammit! POST!”

How silly, to write just to say I wrote.

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