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August 27, 2007

Yo, yo, yo, dawgs! Come on over and check out my new video podcasts at! They’re tutorials for those of you who want to do cool things with technology, but don’t want to weed through all the complicated jargon and boring tutorials and whatnot, for goodness Pete’s sake!

Technogeekery Show #1: Blog Basics and Beginnings

Technogeekery Show #2: RSS feeds… what are they good for?

Technogeekery Show #3: Gravatars. It’s All About Image.

I’ll be posting a new vidcast every week, so be sure to bookmark me and subscribe to my feed!

Um, that is all.

In Which We Observe the English Geekery of Cat’s Children

August 26, 2007

Conversation in the car while driving home from an afternoon outing:

“Hey, Dad! Mom!” Alli suddenly piped up from the backseat. “That boy in the car next to us? He just waved at me gleefully!”

Tanner and Hannah snickered from the backseat.

“Did you say… ‘gleefully’?” I asked, struggling to keep my voice from breaking with the trill of laughter bubbling inside of me.

“Yeah! Look! He’s all waving at me gleefully!”

TGIM and I exchanged looks brimming with laughter.

“Yep. She’s your daughter,” he said.


Conversation while watching Never Been Kissed, a movie throughout which Drew Barrymore’s character corrects the grammar of everyone around her:

After being asked where she was the night before, Drew’s character (Josie) answered, “Oh, I must have forgot.”

“‘Forgotten’,” Tanner quickly corrected, more to himself than anyone else. “She should have said, ‘I must have forgotten.'”

Silence. Then… “Very nice! High fives and kudos, my English geek son!” I gushed, near-bursting with motherly pride

With a half-proud, half-embarrassed grin, Tanner slapped my outstretched hand.

“NICE,” I repeated, shaking my head in admiration, before settling back to enjoy the rest of the movie.

More Toilet Etiquette, AKA Quest for a Lost Civilization

August 24, 2007

Never–under any circumstances–should the handle on the INSIDE of the bathroom stall be wet. Never! Do you hear me, people?! Never EVER! What are we… Neanderthals? Are we a civilized society or WHAT?! Huh?! WELL?!

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a second date with industrial-strength disinfectant soap and some nearly scalding water.


Home Again, Home Again…

August 23, 2007

Home Again, Home Again...

…jiggety jig!

Er… and something about a fat pig? What?

In any event, woo-hoo! The kidlets are HOME. And thanks to Charlotte in PA, I had a gift for them and e’rything!

Charlotte's gift

The HSM2 stickers you sent were a ginormous HIT, Charlotte. And Alli has offered to share the body stickers, so FOOYAH! Oooh! I call Zac Efron! For on my body! I mean, any one of them will be good. Whatev…


The kids are home. I can breathe again.

Hurray for YAY!

August 22, 2007

With My Apologies to Stan and Jan Berenstain:

Hurray! Hurray!

They’re on their way!

The kids are coming home today!

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