TechnoGeekery, and I’m going back to Cali, to Cali, to Cali…

September 27, 2007

Not that all y’all need any more reasons to mock me, but my new TechnoGeekery podcast is up.

TechnoGeekery Show #7: Breaking Up With Blogger

This week, the question du jour asks about transferring all of one’s posts from one blog host to another. Well, you know how the song goes: They say that breaking up is hard to do…

But it doesn’t have to be like that, and this week’s episode of TechnoGeekery shows you how to break up with Blogger–and move right in with–in a snap.

Plus, there’s singing! And “Leave WordPress ALONE” gal! And did I mention the singing?! Super bad singing?! Because there’s that.

That being said, I’m off to California! I’m going back to Cali, to Cali, to Cali… Will I have time to blog? Huh! I don’t think so.

Oh, I kid! I’m attending the Podcast and New Media Expo in sunny CA with my Mommycast BFF’s (TechnoGeekery is part of their new Mommycast and Friends channel at Podango! Woo!) this weekend, so there will be bunches and bunches of technogeeks around playing with techno gadgets and vidcasting and blogging and stuff. I know, right?! Heaven on earth.

We Don’t Need No Education

September 24, 2007

Over a Saturday morning breakfast of pancakes and eggs, I was discussing the whole Five Guys phenomenon with my kiddos–bee tee dub, awesome burgers, even Zagat says so, just so you know–and I mentioned that the five sons of the entrepreneur chose the family business over college.

“Well, if their business is making lots of money, then they can afford to go to college, right?” Hannah asked.

“Because you have to go to college to learn.” Alli added with eight-year-old conviction.

“Well, that’s not necessarily true,” I said, ever the fair and balanced educator. “You don’t need to got to college to learn. People can learn in many different ways, you know, like through reading books or gaining life experience.”

The girls, while busily stuffing their mouths with (not so dainty) bites of pancakes, were nodding their heads, as if to say, “Uh-huh… uh-huh…”

Encouraged, I took it a little further, “Don’t get me wrong, I think college is a wonderful idea, a solid investment in your future, even if you already have a successful family business or career. I’m just saying there are more ways to learn. I mean, at college you’re really just reading books and discussing what you read, anyway, but–”

“And going to parties,” Alli chimed in, matter-of-factly, before reaching for her glass and swigging her milk.

My eyes widened. The Bureau of Labor statistics I had at the ready flew out the window.

Hannah pointed a pancake-laden fork at Alli. “Yeah. And kissing boys,” she added, then popped the pancake in her mouth and chewed happily.

And with that, my lecture–all about how people with more education make more money, but college is also about developing communication, social, and logical thinking skills–stalled out before I could even bring it up to cruising speed.

I looked back and forth between my grinning eight and nine-year old daughters, who were looking at each other and nodding in a rare moment of sisterly camaraderie–envisioning frat parties and kissable college boys, no doubt! and beer! probably beer! at the parties?! with the college boys!– and there were no words. Which NEVER happens.

Then, with indisputable Because-I’m-the-momma, that’s-why! finality, I said, “Yeah, you two are so not allowed to go to college.”

Ha! Take THAT, horny little frat boys.

“Hey!” Hannah and Alli wailed in unison.

From the living room, I could hear TGIM laughing quietly.

Flight of the Conchords: Talking About the Issues…

September 21, 2007

… but keeping it funky!

Sorry. I couldn’t resist sharing one more. Call it my weekend present to you, mm’kay? Honestly. They’re the Neo-Smothers Brothers! Not that anyone under… um, a certain age that is way older than me… even knows what the heck I mean by that, but I can’t help it if I am preternaturally hip to the comedy duos of the 60’s.

The actual song starts at around 2:32, but the conversation beforehand is quite funny. And, incidentally, the conversation after the song is hilarious, and could conceivably be Michael Scott’s– of The Office— dream come true. And if you get what I mean by that, then we should totally be BFF’s. For real. ‘Cause you GET me.


Random Friday Ramblings

September 21, 2007

(Cat’s Caveat Lector: I haven’t had more than four hours of sleep any night this week. Sleep deprivation makes me cranky. And sort of stupid. That is all.)

So… on the way home from work yesterday I heard that song If Everyone Cared by Nickelback. You know, the one that goes, “If everyone cared and nobody cried/ If everyone loved and nobody lied/ If everyone shared and swallowed their pride/ Then we’d see the day, when nobody died.” And I thought to myself: Hey, now. That’s just plain silly.

I mean, at the end of the day, even if nobody cried or lied, and everyone on God’s green earth cared and loved and shared and swallowed their pride, I’m pretty sure accidentally stepping in front of a swiftly moving vehicle or locomotive of some sort would still kill you dead. As a doornail, right? And try explaining to the lions and other wild animals why they shouldn’t maul or eat people! That’s right! I bet Nickelback didn’t take into consideration the wild, dissident nature of the beast! What? Like the lions are just going to sit back and say, “Hey! These tasty human wandering around aren’t crying or lying anymore! They are caring and loving and sharing and swallowing their pride! Let’s not eat them today!” (Hee. I said “pride.”) Heck no! The kings of the jungle will still freaking eat you! If you happen to be in the jungle and stuff! Oh, and don’t even get me started on natural disasters.

Be reasonable with your song lyrics, Nickelback. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for you to change the lyrics to something like, “…Then we’d see the day, when nobody died… unless they get hit by a swiftly moving train, in which case, c’est la vie.” I’d still buy the song! Well, except for the whole It’s a Nickelback Song thing. In any event, stop creating expectations of invincibility in a Utopian society! That’s all I’m saying.

My point? Rested.

Speaking of eager little beavers… my little Mack? Not so much with the eager little beaverness when it comes to school this fall.

What? Yes, I was too speaking of eager little beavers! Or maybe I nodded off for a moment and dreamed about them! But whatever! Stop interrupting! GOSH.

Conversation between Mack and TGIM as he dropped her off (read: forced her out of the car kicking and screaming) at school yesterday morning:

Dad: Remember, Mack… happy! Smiley face! Joy joy!
Hannah: Hrumph. Sad. Frowny face. Misery misery.

I’m not going to lie. While I’m understandably concerned about my daughter’s reluctance to fully embrace the fourth grade experience, I’m more than a little impressed with her spontaneous and witty analogistic rejoinder during a moment of emotional crisis. And she’s never even SEEN Ren and Stimpy! So there’s that.

Happy! Smiley face! Joy joy!
Sad. Frowny face. Misery misery.

Catchy! I’m thinking the t-shirts would sell like hotcakes.


September 19, 2007

I can’t ever do anything the cool way.

Honestly. I couldn’t smash my hand while doing something cool or heroic, like–in a superhuman, adrenaline-fueled burst of strength–lifting a car off the bodies of a trapped mother and her three children. Oh, no. I slam my hand in my car door. Like an IDIOT. Oooh! Look at me! Miss Coordination! I can’t remember to pull my hand out of the way of a car door in time to prevent damage to my limbs! Wooooo!

It reminds me of when I was a competitive gymnast. My worst injury? Did I get it while performing a double-twisting layout during my floor exercise? No. Did I get it when my fingers slipped from the uneven bars during my giant swing? Uh-uh. Did I get it while showing a class of six-year-olds how to do a proper cartwheel? DING DING DING! We have a winner!

Or… not. Which was my point, actually.


Life is so unfair.

Next time I hurt myself, I darn well better be saving the life of an endangered mammal of some sort. That’s all I’m saying. You hear me, Oh Whimsical and Ironical Fate? Well?! DO YOU?!

In other news, Technogeekery Show #6: Trump Teens at Technology is up at A big thanks to Paige from for appearing as my special guest star slash expert person. You rock!

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