Moonlight: The Little Show That Could

November 29, 2007 · Print This Article

I recently acquired Final Cut Express HD for, as a step up from the very basic iMovie software I’ve been using to create my vidcasts. Up to now I’ve just been playing with FCE– like one plays with a shiny new toy, all careful and hesitant and unsure of just how far one can push and prod before breaking something–and I’ve discovered something I did not know. Dude. This software? It’s wicked COMPLICATED, yo?

So to practice setting up bins and entering in and out points I decided to make a sort of faux-promo for CBS’s fall sleeper hit Moonlight, my most favoritest underdog show of the season. Admittedly, I intitially watched out of love for all things Jason Dohring (Team Logan!)– and truthfully, I was not initially impressed, but I powered through (Team Logan!)– and I have to admit, by episode 4, “Fever”… yeah, it was all about Alex O’Laughlin. Oh, yes it was.

See, he’s my new TV boyfriend. He does this thing with his eyebrow…

Alex O’Laughlin

But that is neither here nor there! (I was just saying.) The show–which is rooted in a sort of modern-day noir–continues to improve exponentially from week to week, and my favorite aspect is that there aren’t any demons or magic or curses… just Mick St. John, a P.I. in L.A. who is out there solving cases, kicking bad-guy ass, dealing with his issues, and, oh yeah, who just happens to be a vampire.

Right, then. There are no bells and whistles here, no awesome effects or transitions, just clips from the show set to a wicked good song: Ecstasy by Black Lab. So… enjoy! Or not. Whatevah.


2 Responses to “Moonlight: The Little Show That Could”

  1. maireMokimarl on March 20th, 2009 4:48 pm

    Was ist das?

  2. Tina Pope on June 6th, 2010 12:10 pm

    I was fortunate to discover the “Moonlight” television show on my syfi channel. Although the story lines differ from the “Twilight saga” the romantic entanglements are just as vivid as the movie. I find myself spellbound by the series and cannot wait for the new season. Does anyone know if or when it will be televisied?

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