Hey, NBC! Don’t Chuck With My Favorite Show!

March 31, 2009

Okay. After Veronica Mars and Pushing Daisies, you’d think I’d learn, right? You would think it! Hey, Cat! Don’t fall in love with a TV show! The network will let you down in the end.

Cast of Chuck

That said, Angel Cohen over at Television Without Pity gives a compelling argument for why Chuck, a show on the bubble, should be renewed for a third season. And c’mon! This is Television Without Pity! As in “Spare the Snark, Spoil the Networks”! That is totally their motto! So there you go.

Wait. What does “on the bubble” mean? Well, I will tell you. No need to be pushy, there, hotshot. GOSH. See, a show that is “on the bubble” is a show that does a’ight for itself, but it hasn’t gotten the green light yet on a pick-up for next year, meaning that the outlook is, shall we say… uncertain. Like, the Chuck bubble o’ goodness could burst at any time! POP! Get it? Get it? Bubble? BURST? Because the show gets CANCELED? Which, BTW, would totally blow.

Oooh, pun SNAP!

So I have to concur with all the kudos for the well-written storylines (with adequate suspension of disbelief, naturally), the fabulous and quirky cast, the will-they-won’t-they angst of Chuck and Sarah’s relationship, the gruntiness of Special Agent Casey, the sweet bromance between Chuck and Morgan, and the pop-culture fun woven into every episode of Chuck. Oh, and Jeffster. Can’t forget the Jeffster! I mean, any show that can seamlessly weave “Africa” by Toto into an episode is aces in my book. Aces!

And does it need to be said that Zachary Levi (AKA: Chuck) is totally Nerdalicious? Because I will totally say it if it needs to be said. I will. Don’t think I won’t because you would be so wrong. He is Nerd-a-licious. And Yvonne Strahovski as Sarah? Come ON. Plus, we get to see Captain Awesome shirtless in practically every episode, which, AWESOME?!

Chuck and Sarah

I’m not going to lie.  Despite my best efforts to harden my heart, I will be genuinely crushed if they cancel Chuck, my favoritest show on TV.

Basic Blog Skillz 101

March 26, 2009

I’m kicking it Old School. Or is it “taking it back to the beginning”? Starting anew, perhaps? Is anew even a word? It doesn’t LOOK like a word. Maybe I’m thinking of afresh. A’fresh? A’new? Whatever. English is stupid. I’m switching. Hablare’ espanol ahora!

Okay, as my choices of foreign punctuation are limited on my iPhone… Ich werde Deutsch jetzt sprechen! Or something!

Darn. My choices of conversational German phrases are even more limited than my iPhone’s foreign punctuation options, so FINE. I will stick with stupid English for now. Under protest! Because it’s STUPID.

I had a point earlier. I’d better start anew.

Oh! Yes. With the afreshness of blogging. Blog Skillz 101. I’m so totally focused now. See, I’m out of practice. You know, with the blogging? It used to be that I would see something, or hear a noise, or eat a yummy pastry of some sort, and BOOM! Blog idea! But the blogging senses? When they are neglected? Underused? Cast aside, if you will? They get rusty.

I know, right?! I totally thought it would be like riding a bike, you know? Just hop back on and pedal like crazy, and VROOOM! Off you go! A blur of blonde pigtails and pink pedal pushers, with sparkly iridescent ribbons dancing in the sunlight as they stream from the handlebars…

You know, like that.

But NO. It has to be DIFFICULT. Like, what do I write about? Why aren’t those moments jumping out at me? The blog moments? The ones that practically scream, “Blog me! Good LORD, what are you waiting for?!” and I’m like, “Okay! I will! Shut up now!” and they are all, “Fine!” and I’m like, “Fine!” and then we kiss and make up because, honestly, it’s silly to fight with those moments because they are only trying to HELP.

So I am going to have to consciously LOOK for those moments and practice BLOG writing (as opposed to the OTHER type of writing I do all day long, which, incidentally, is one of the main factors contributing to my blogging slackage… just so’s you know).

So, yeah. Basic Blog Skillz 101. If anyone has any suggestions for curriculum, please let me know. Except if you’re going to say AI recaps because WE ARE NOT SPEAKING. And I don’t have cable, but that is secondary to the We Broke Up thing. I might be amenable to Chuck recaps, though, because DUDE. The TWoP Chuck recaps? Suck. I know, right? It’s a major disappointment in my life. Right up there with the fact that I’ve got soul, but I’m not a soldier. AND I didn’t get accepted into the Evil League of Evil. HUGE disappointment there, obviously.

But I’ve registered for the class and I’m a totally quick study– and a bit of a kiss-ass, truth be told– so I should be fine! It should be fine.


Confessions from a DWM

March 25, 2009

Yesterday? I did something. Something I swore I’d never do. Something I have come out strongly against. Something about which I can be a leeeettle bit judgmental. Judgy McJudgerpants. Judge-o-ramma lamma bing bangish. But it was late! Almost two hours later than I usually leave work! And my kids were wondering where I was! And I had limited cell service in my building! And I only had a small window of opportunity to call home before I hit the Metro and lost all service! And I think I might have even been a little delirious due to hunger and sleep deprivation! I’m only saying it is POSSIBLE, okay?! A colossal lapse in judgment brought about by an unhappy confluence of desperation and opportunity! Because I needed to call home and I had already left the office suite and I had one more super quick stop before heading out and the one place in the building with almost all bars was…

Gosh. This is so much harder than I thought it would be. I can hardly bear to say it. But the sad truth is…

Y’all? Yesterday evening? As I was leaving work? I… I… I was a public restroom cell phone user.

GAH! I know! RIGHT?! The SHAME.

DWM and TechnoGeekery are BACK, Baby!

March 13, 2009

Fooyah! See, I just used my mad blog-slash-server-fixin’ skillz and FIXED those bad boys, getting all my sites back online and whatnot. It was fantastic.



So… now all I need is a few days of vacation and a freaking CLUE as to where I can find my mighty mojo o’ bloggerificness–which appears to be missing, yo?–and we’ll be good to go!


Whither has thou gone, mighty mojo? Whither?