Summer Cuts and Other Stuff

June 19, 2009

Tanner lost the curls (no fear, they’ll be back with a vengeance in a month or so…).

Summer Hair and Cheesiness

Hannah lost about 6 inches of what was fast becoming the HEAVIEST head of hair EVER.

Summer Hair and Sass

Oh, Alli didn’t get a summer haircut. I chose this picture because– while you can barely see her– she’s totally perched in this awesome climbing tree in OUR FRONT YARD. Of OUR HOUSE. In which WE LIVE. Our family. And our two parakeets. All in our house. Just living and whatnot. It’s a whole Living In Our House That Is Ours thing. YOU know.

Our house, in the middle of our street.

I’ll have you know it took every ounce of willpower I have to refrain from breaking into… the Talking Heads song. YOU know the one. I will not mention it lest I lose my already tenuous grip on my impulses. I hope you admire my restraint.

Stressed?! Who’s Stressed?!

June 17, 2009

One more reason moving can be super stressful, thus officially No Fun At All…

…internet withdrawl? SUCKS.

That is all.

Freaking Out Top Ten

June 16, 2009

Top Ten Reasons I am FREAKING Out:

10. Boxes everywhere! Seriously! All over the place! In my new house! Big boxes full of stuff I probably don’t REALLY need! And dust! Big boxes full of stuff and DUST! Dear LORD, the dust!

9. I am frantically putting the finishing touches on the PowerPoint I needed to post, like, last week, for the presentation I am giving in Cincinnati NEXT week. And, everyone knows–as Dwight Shrute once said–“PowerPoints are LAME.”

8. I will be leading a session at an industry Expo next week using said heretofore unfinished PowerPoint (see 9).

7. Despite several calls and frantic emails, I still have not been able to successfully register for my GovTrip account.

6. I do not have a travel itinerary for my business trip next week, mainly because I CANNOT SUCCESSFULLY REGISTER FOR GOVTRIP and therefore have not been able to buy my plane tickets.

5. I can’t find my favorite comfy jeans. Because there are BOXES ALL OVER MY HOUSE!

4. My allergies are out of control. Probably because of the dust. You know, in the boxes? All over my house?

3. I’m 99 percent sure I have a room reserved at the conference center in Cincinnati to which I may or may not have transportation. It’s that remaining 1 percent of uncertainty that has me by the short hairs.

2. Speaking of… my previously straightened hair is being completely ornery about all this humidity, and is like “Aw, hell no!” the minute I step out the door. Naturally, my flatiron is no where to be found. YOU know why. Honestly. Don’t MAKE me explain the “Boxes! Boxes Everywhere!” situation again.

1. New houses awesome! Physically moving, however? NOT awesome.

The One in Which Cat Snakes the Ride or Elevator Ride of Shame

June 2, 2009

This morning I did that thing again. You know, that thing where I say “ha HA!” a bit overloudly– perhaps!– after I JUST make it through a door before it closes on me? And people stare and point and whisper to one another as they move as far away from me as they possibly can in the confines of the crowded elevator I have just stormed? But I don’t even care? I just smile all sunnily and say, “Four, please!” to the dude over by the elevator buttons? Because I freaking SNAKED it, yo?

In other news, I am an idiot.