Forgetful Wednesday Lunch Fiasco

August 11, 2010

DUDE. I very much hate when TGIM “forgets” to return my debit card and I “forget” I don’t have it and subsequently “forget” to pack lunch because what I DO remember is that Au Bon Pain has super delicious chicken pot pie soup, and I “forget” that I already used my super secret emergency stash that time I NEEDED M&Ms and I end up forced to forage for food like a hungry animal of some sort. Perhaps a cute little bunny rabbit. Or a deer. I don’t know. Whichever forages best, that’s the one I’m like.

Except I’m foraging for spare change rather than carrots or shrubs. I mean, clearly. If I wanted to eat vegetation, I would have “remembered” to pack a salad! You know what I’m saying?! Am I right?! Am I? AM I RIGHT?!

Yep. Forgetting is no fun at all.