Be a First Follower Not a Nut

June 27, 2012

Hoo! This video (below) is such a fun, genuine example of “tipping point”… AND a cautionary tale about attending concerts while jacked up on goofballs, especially in this era of camera phones and YouTube, but mostly, “tipping point.”

Oh, and how groupthink and peer pressure can influence one’s decision making process, obviously. And the nature of leadership.

Also, just say no to drugs. Because the shirtless dancing guy? He crazy high, yo?

Hmm. Maybe you should just take a little look-see and determine for yourself:

Honestly, it is clear to me that the lone nut’s “leadership” is somewhat wasted in this case. I mean, he’s not tripping all over himself to acquire a following or anything, right? No, he’s just doing his thang! Reveling–nay, baking!– in the fresh air and sunlight! But he is lit, I mean, he lit the way– blazed a trail, if you will– for the first follower, the linchpin to creative leadership. Where others saw a lone nut, the first follower recognized the dancing dude’s potential and knew how to tap it.

Hey. It’s MY blog! Deal with my punning.

Yes, the lone nut only inadvertently sparked a movement; it was the first follower who fanned that spark into a flame– fanned it higher and higher!– created the buzz, and convinced others to act, to follow. Inspiring a movement. Which, to me, makes the first follower the actual innovator and TRUE leader.

FINE! Done with the puns now.

Heh. This video should be called “Leadership and the Tripping Point.” Heh heh.

Okay, NOW I’m done.

James Roday and the Smiths Project FTW!

May 23, 2012

It’s 11:34 p.m., Doubters! BOOM.

Anyway… Is it my birthday?! Wait. Maybe it’s my sister’s birthday because I tell you what, girlfriend used to LUUUURVE her some Curt Smith (and Tears for Fears)! Like, a whole LOT. I’m not even kidding. Which, come to think of it, is how I was introduced to The Hurting in the first place. I should really get that cassette tape back to her…

But I digress.

Honestly. One of my favorite, super obscure songs from the 80s AND James Roday?! (Shawn Spencer, Psych) That’s what I’m talking about! This song/video #FTW!

(Read the full story of this awesome collaboration at Janice Whaley’s blog.)

America, We Salute You (Rhett and Link Style)

July 4, 2010

God bless America. And the Fallen Founding Fathers of the Freelance Fireworks Hall of Fame.


Am I Psyched? Chuck Yes!

March 1, 2010

I may or may not be super excited that a certain television show that I love oh-so-much will once more be on my TV this evening. Maybe. Not that the Olympics weren’t AWESOME and all (you know, from what I hear), but guys? GUYS?!


Yes! It is absolutely true. I mean, today is March 1, so, there you go. It IS March 1, right? RIGHT?!


I don’t want to come on too geeky, but… okay, I’m psyched!

Check it.

*happy dance*

In Which Cat Defends “We Are The World 25 For Haiti”

February 16, 2010

Yes. I’ve heard the criticisms. But to me, this is a heartfelt remake of the original USA For Africa version, and for a selfless cause, to boot! Sure, they could have written/produced a new song, but hey, there’s a reason this one’s a classic. I’m only saying. Plus, the rap portion is pretty fantastic, and Wyclef Jean singing the song as translated into Creole? Beautiful.

(Although I do have to wonder how many people were like, “DUDE. What the hell does ‘hi-uh-tee’ mean?!” Because I am sometimes prone to strange and random wonderings?)

As a side note, I will admit, the posthumous Michael Jackson tribute almost turned me off– due to the Singing Along With Video Footage Of Dead People Totally Gives Me The Wiggins factor? which is MY issue, clearly!– but I decided I liked the inclusion after I overheard TD explaining to TGIM how seamlessly they were able to incorporate MJ’s part: “Yeah, see, they had some lady dressed up to LOOK like Michael Jackson, and she sang with him.”

Poor Janet.

In any event, my kids were moved by the video, especially the footage from Haiti, so I bought the album at iTunes. I figure it’s just one more little way we can give hope to the people of Haiti, and to the world.

Think about it.

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