The Wonkerers *updated

June 26, 2008

(If the video below doesn’t work for you, click HERE for some serious Wonkerering.)

We weren’t allowed to video tape TD’s musical, Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka, (what is UP with that?! HUH?!) but hey! Who needs to tape the show from waaaaay back in the audience, when one’s kiddos have memorized the whole darn thing anyway, and commandeer the family computer for an afternoon to capture the entire show– up close and personal– for posterity? Not me, that’s who!

So, yeah. I have no actual tape of Tanner performing on stage as Charlie, but I have him (and his sisters) performing every other role in the musical– with FEELING, no less… so FOOYAH!

Yup. Feel free to take a quick peek at what it’s been like at MY house for the past five months.


Legendary Music Video

May 16, 2008

Okay, so I created this song using my mad Garageband skillz… also, by using a Media Converter to grab the karaoke version of the song off YouTube, but whatever. Still cool!

A legendary music video is in the works. I’m hoping to enter it in a contest and win some sweet prizes. Because I’m a huge geek?


Or not. Whatev.

(BTW: Any thoughts on how to MAKE said Legendary Music Video would be much appreciated! I’m envisioning RockBand instruments… oh, AND a strobe light. Because, AWESOME?)

Baby Steps

August 6, 2007

Remember how I found a karaoke video on YouTube, and I just couldn’t resist? Do ya? ‘Member? The song from Instant Star?

Okay, so I’ve thought about it… and, well, who am I to deprive ANYONE of their God-given right to mock?! Just showing my voice and some pictures… what’s that all about?! Huh? Pshaw, right?

Plus, I was tired of TGIM calling me a big old chicken-sh… well, you know the rest.

In my defense, who can enjoy singing a song if you ain’t FEELING it, dawg?! Not me, that’s who! I’m not made of STONE!

So here you go, Mrtl (and TGIM). Mock my socks off.


Instant Star: Just for the heck of it.

June 23, 2007

I found a karaoke video on YouTube, and I just couldn’t resist. Honestly. Who even knew they HAD karaoke videos on YouTube?! MAN! They have EVERYTHING! I mean, have you seen the South Park version of the Mac/PC commercials floating around? HIIII-larious! (I’ve got a link around here somewhere…) But, see?! Everything! GOSH.

So, anyway, this is a song from Instant Star. And, duh, I am NOT a professional singer. Like, at ALL. Seriously. Simon Cowell would laugh at me and throw erasers at me. And tell me I’m dreadfully awful, pip pip! Cheerio! Except probably not that last “pip, pip” part.

But whatever! It’s all about the KARAOKE FUN! Shut up! It IS! GOOD TIMES! With the singing! And the mocking! HOO!

Right, then. This is me– Cat– covering a song by Alexz Johnson called “I Don’t Know If I Should Stay.”

(Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

Okay. Now I’m feeling inspired.

June 4, 2007

Okay, so I don’t know these guys from Adam, but if you are in the mood for a giggle (or two… three, perhaps?), then check out THESE GUYS lip syncing to Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone.” I added it to my Veronica Mars MySpace page. I figured I may as well use the space for SOMETHING now that my dream of VM swag has been shot to hell…

Personally? I’m loving the drummer.

Silly boys

Plus, the guy on the right? Reminds me a little of *sigh* Jensen Ackles. (Shut up! He DOES!) Which… cool? (Hey, Jensen. ‘Sup, luvah? Call me.)

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