Ice Fear. It’s a Thing.

February 5, 2014

Driveway Ice Rink

Driveway Ice Rink

Aaah! An ice storm created an ice skating rink out of our driveway. No WAY am I stepping foot outside until it melts, I tell you what! Hey. My ice fear isn’t completely irrational, if you know the whole story of what happened to me nearly 6 years ago, almost to the day:

Help! I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up! (Feb 13, 2008)

In my defense, I was pretty hopped up on drugs when I wrote that entry. I’m just saying I may have been a little loopy at the time. Perhaps. Probably.

Just so you know.

Out of Context

August 7, 2013

Recent conversations, that when taken out of context, are somewhat perplexing. And freaking awesome.

Out of Context – Phone conversations with Mack.

Phone chat #1:

Cat: How was your day, Mack?

Mack: I watched a bunch of videos on YouTube about how to neuter a dog.

Cat: Nice.

Mack: Yeah. I could practically do it myself.

Phone chat #2:

Cat: How’re things going?

Mack: I’m getting more responsibilities!

Cat: Yay!

Mack: Yep. They send me for the drugs now.

Phone chat #3:

Cat: Did you have a good day?

Mack: Today I watched Gordon castrate a pig!

Cat: Sweet! Also, yuck.

Mack: I didn’t pass out this time.

Cat: *proud*

Phone chat #4:

Mack: Momma, cats on drugs are so scary! But funny.

Cat: Right. Just say no.

Mack: They DROOL.

Cat: Gross.

In Context – Hannah Mack is visiting my sister. My sister who lives with her cattle rancher husband on a large ranch in Super Small Town, New Mexico. My sister who has no freaking idea what she is supposed to feed my vegetarian daughter, who is volunteering with/shadowing the local veterinarian for the summer.

Right?! I know. You just can’t make up this stuff.

Out of Context – Conversation at dusk last night, between my son and Paige’s daughter, who were hanging out on the porch hammock watching our bunnies frolic on the lawn. (Yes, bunnies frolic. At least ours do. For reals. Frolic like crazy.)

Kate to TD, as TGIM rides his bike up the driveway and stops to say hello: (admiringly) “When I’m an adult, I’m going to wear an outfit JUST like that to embarrass my kids.”

Cat: *cough* nofilter! *cough*

TGIM: “Absolutely. That’s exactly why I put this on.”

In Context – Actually, even in context, that one is pretty darn hilarious. And squarely on-the-nose. Let’s see, how to explain, how to explain… okay, did you ever see that episode of Malcolm in the Middle, when Hal takes up speed walking?


Well, there you go.



Drive-by Randomness

December 14, 2012

Drive-by randomness from my almost 15-year-old daughter:

Mack (suddenly popping into my bedroom): “Momma, which do you like better? Brown dragonflies or iridescent dragonflies?”

Pause. Then–

Cat: “Um, iridescent?”

Mack: “Ohmygawsh! Me, too! It’s like we’re the same person!” (dances out as quickly as she appeared)

Pause. Then–

Cat (to empty room):  “Wait… what just happened?”

Be a First Follower Not a Nut

June 27, 2012

Hoo! This video (below) is such a fun, genuine example of “tipping point”… AND a cautionary tale about attending concerts while jacked up on goofballs, especially in this era of camera phones and YouTube, but mostly, “tipping point.”

Oh, and how groupthink and peer pressure can influence one’s decision making process, obviously. And the nature of leadership.

Also, just say no to drugs. Because the shirtless dancing guy? He crazy high, yo?

Hmm. Maybe you should just take a little look-see and determine for yourself:

Honestly, it is clear to me that the lone nut’s “leadership” is somewhat wasted in this case. I mean, he’s not tripping all over himself to acquire a following or anything, right? No, he’s just doing his thang! Reveling–nay, baking!– in the fresh air and sunlight! But he is lit, I mean, he lit the way– blazed a trail, if you will– for the first follower, the linchpin to creative leadership. Where others saw a lone nut, the first follower recognized the dancing dude’s potential and knew how to tap it.

Hey. It’s MY blog! Deal with my punning.

Yes, the lone nut only inadvertently sparked a movement; it was the first follower who fanned that spark into a flame– fanned it higher and higher!– created the buzz, and convinced others to act, to follow. Inspiring a movement. Which, to me, makes the first follower the actual innovator and TRUE leader.

FINE! Done with the puns now.

Heh. This video should be called “Leadership and the Tripping Point.” Heh heh.

Okay, NOW I’m done.

Frogging: The Object Lesson

January 25, 2010

While enjoying some down time with my buddy Paige—which involved drinking caffeinated beverages, knitting and crocheting stuff, and watching the movie Australia (which, WOW?)—I looked over and saw that Paige, apparently frustrated, was busy unraveling hours worth of stitches on her bunny sweater project.

Never one to let a teaching moment pass me by—because, nerdly?—I said, “You know, hardcore knitters call that frogging.”

Paige stopped unraveling and looked at me. “What?”

“You know,” I nodded towards her quickly dwindling bunny sweater, “unraveling your stitches when you mess up. That’s frogging.”

Paige paused, looked at her work, then me, and said, “Frogging, eh?”



Ooooh! Object lesson! Object lesson! I am SUCH a fan of the object lesson.

“Start pulling out the stitches again,” I instructed her. “And since the term frogging sort of gives this impression of, like, way enthusiastic unraveling, really go for it, okay?”

With a shrug, Paige began to unravel her knitting again.

“Good, Paige!” I shouted, which may have been overkill, in retrospect. “Rip it… rip it…RIIIIIP IIIT…!”

Naturally, we got all giggly at this point. I mean, we WERE drinking caffeinated beverages, after all, so there was that whole caffeine-induced giddiness factor in play. I’m only saying.

We may or may not have spent the rest of the afternoon drinking caffeinated beverages, knitting and crocheting stuff, watching the movie Australia, and every so often croaking, “Rip it! RIP IT!” as we exuberantly frogged our respective projects. Maybe. Honestly, it’s all a total blur now. I guess we may never know for certain.

In other news, knitters are total geeks.

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