Sheriff Lamb, I Mean Michael Muhney, ROCKS SOLID.

February 27, 2008

**For more background on how I “met” (okay, make that “virtually met”) the actor Michael Muhney, CLICK HERE and HERE.

Veronica Mars REWIND: Papa’s Cabin (Part I)

Veronica Mars REWIND: Papa’s Cabin (Part II)

Nothing perks an injured gal up more than an email from her friendly neighborhood Sheriff Lamb (AKA: Michael Muhney of Veronica Mars fame)! Of course, until a few days ago I thought the email from Sheriff Lamb, I mean Michael Muhney, was simply the product of my Percocet-induced loopy-doopy mind, but NO! He really WROTE to me! Out of the BLUE! Because he’s AWESOME! I mean, he wrote to me while dandling his newborn baby on his KNEE! And I can’t believe I just used the word “DANDLING”! Because who SAYS that?!

Of course, the contents of said email are private and close to my heart, so BACK OFF.

Anyway, now I’m feeling a bit nostalgic, so I thought I would re-post my interview –okay, FINE, Paige was there, too, but whatever— with the most awesome Michael Muhney, who is obviously, like, my BFF now, right? Right? Oh, BTW, Paige, Sheriff Lamb, I mean Michael Muhney, says, “Hi.” But whatever. He still likes me best. Clearly.

**Aside to My BFF, Michael Muhney, Intended to Display My Self-Importance: Michael Muhney, you know I think you rock. And since you apparently know Joss FREAKING Whedon (squeeee!) well enough to have actual conversations with him… *just breathe… breathe…*… well, here’s hoping he realizes how rockin’ you are, too. **

Man. I don’t remember the video being THAT long. But still? AWESOME!

Also, don’t forget to check out my — I mean, OUR (my bad, Paige!)– special tribute to Sheriff Lamb, lovingly produced after his life was cut tragically short by the almighty crack of a baseball bat to the head.

Veronica Mars REWIND… er, Rewind

February 27, 2008

I thought I would re-post a few of my old Veronica Mars REWIND episodes because Michael Muhney rocks. Click HERE for more info!

That’s just plain rude.

May 14, 2007

Okay, seriously?

I don’t know whether to be flattered or genuinely insulted by this dude’s blatant rip-off of my podcast name. Honestly. One quick Google search for “Veronica Mars Rewind” and anyone can see that someone is already using it.

For real. Show a little originality, people.

Veronica Mars REWIND: Un-American Graffiti

May 8, 2007

Does all the relationship drama on Veronica Mars have you confused? Let Cat and her “Chart o’ Bone-ing” sort it out for you.

Wait. Mystery? What mystery?

With “Remember” by Black Lab.

(Thanks to Paige, David Spade, and The Showbiz Show for the inspiration!)

Feel free to increase my Veronica Mars street cred at VEOH by clicking here. 😉

Veronica Mars REWIND: Papa’s Cabin

March 25, 2007

Hey, everybody, Sheriff La– I mean, Michael Muhney is in the hizzouse!

Michael Muhney

It’s my Interview with a Famous Actor Dude debut. No, seriously. Watch! You’ll see!

So… in this episode of Veronica Mars, we get back to the show’s gritty noir roots. Flashbacks and voice-overs, mistresses and hookers, betrayal, revenge, and murder. It’s like a game of Clue… except in this game, (SPOILER ALERT) it’s Tim the TA in the Dean’s Office with a gun.

With Remember by Black Lab and Has Been Avenue by Bryon Friedman.

Enjoy! As usual, as soon as it’s up, feel free to click over to VEOH to leave a comment. Because it makes us look POPULAR, that’s why! Plus, I’m still clinging to the dream of some VM swag.

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